With a library membership card, patrons have access to all library materials, public computers and the Internet and agree to abide by the Internet Terms of Use.

Membership is free for every resident and visiting non-resident.  Non-residents must register in-person at one of our library branches.

Membership Categories and Definitions

Any resident and visiting non-resident 14 years of age or older.

Any resident and visiting non-resident 13 years of age or younger.

Children must have signed parental consent for the acquisition of a membership card. The parent or legal guardian agrees to abide by all regional library policies and to take responsibility for the use associated with the card when they sign for a card on a child’s behalf. By signing a child’s library membership card, parents or legal guardians assume responsibility for monitoring the use of library materials and the Internet.

See Internet Terms of Use policy.

Parents or legal guardians will be given access to library records for their children (under the age of 14) when requested and the branch manager has confirmed the identity of the parent or guardian and the age of the minor.

Schools, Senior Citizens’ complexes, Homes for Special Care, Group Homes, Hospitals, and any other institution where library materials are checked out to the Institution itself, rather than to an individual resident or patient. Rights and privileges are given in the Institutional Member Policy.

Member with a Print Disability:
Any resident who, because of a physical, visual or perceptual disability, has difficulty reading regular print.  Rights and privileges are given in the Member with a Print Disability Policy.