Internet Terms of Use

The Library provides public Internet access at all library branches as part of its mission to make informational, educational, recreational and cultural resources available to all users.

Internet Service

People can access the Internet at any branch location, either by using the Library’s wireless Internet (WiFi), public computer or other library device. A Library membership card is required to use the public computers. Daily time limits on public computers and other library devices may be applied to ensure equitable access.

The Internet may contain material of a controversial or inappropriate nature. The Library does not censor access to material or protect users from information they may find offensive. However, some materials such as text or graphics which may be reasonably construed as obscene and/or pornographic are inappropriate for viewing in a public space. Improper use of library devices and Internet or Wifi may lead to the suspension or loss of privileges.

Not all Internet sites provide reliable, complete, age-appropriate or current information. It is up to the user to determine the value of the information found.

Internet Terms of Use

Users are responsible for their activity and may use the Library’s devices and Internet connection at their own risk.

Supervision of a child’s access to library technology and the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian or person who has signed the child’s library membership card.

By accessing the Internet, either by using the Library’s Wifi, public computers or other library device, users agree to:

– be fully responsible for their actions

– use these services in a lawful and respectful manner

– use these services at their own risk

Users in violation of these terms may have their Internet privileges revoked.