Carbon dioxide (C02) monitors, radon detectors, and energy meters are available at the library to help borrowers gauge the health of their home.

“These are all useful items to ensure a healthy home and are available for free from your library,” says Lydia Hunsberger, Manager of Collections and Digital Services for Western Counties Regional Library. For more information on the kits and related resources, visit https://samepagewcrl.bibliocommons.com/list/share/2068774249_westerncountieslibrarian/2413025899_tools_for_a_healthy_home.

The C02 monitor is for home and personal use. The monitors provide information on indoor air quality. The kits include information on C02 levels, ventilation and filtration, and monitor placement. Its loan period is one week with no renewals.

Radon detectors have a loan period of six weeks without any renewals, allowing borrowers the time necessary to get a proper reading. Radon is a radioactive gas formed by the breakdown of uranium. The gas is slowly released from soil, rock and water, and some building materials, such as concrete, bricks, tiles, and drywall. You cannot see, smell or taste radon.

Health Canada recommends measuring radon in your home in fall and winter. For more information on the risks of radon and how to reduce high radon levels, please refer to the resources included in the radon kit.

Energy meters plug into the wall and people plug the appliance or device into the meter to measure energy use. This can help the user decide whether it is time to replace the item or use energy-saving products such as power bars or timers. The loan period for the energy meter is three weeks with the possibility of three renewals.