A library delivery of books and movies to a seniors residence provides access to things that would be out of reach for some of its tenants.

photo of a man wearing a red T-shirt holding a DVD in front of a television set

Calvin Fenton holds a movie he borrowed from the library. He didn’t know the library had movies and television shows to borrow until about two years ago thanks to a visit from Yarmouth library clerks to his residence.

“The service is good,” says Calvin Fenton, who lives at The Willows in Yarmouth. Library clerks visit The Willows on the first Wednesday of every month.

Almost all library branches do deliveries to various seniors residences in the Tri-Counties. Yarmouth library staff do four days of deliveries a month to eight seniors residences.

Fenton did not know that people could borrow movies from the library. Another resident, Donald Smith, told him about it.

“I never thought of libraries for movies, just books,” Fenton says.

Two years ago, Smith was in the common area at The Willows when a library clerk told him he could borrow movies and television shows from the library with a free library card.

“I don’t have cable,” Fenton says, adding that there are no video-rental places anymore and he can’t afford to buy a lot of DVDs. “To me, that’s a waste of money.”

Although the library delivers, Fenton and Smith walk to the library to pick up their shows most of the time.

Without a computer, they rely on the library clerks to help them find the movies and television series they want to watch if it is not available on the shelves.

Because Fenton is unable to browse the library’s online catalogue from home, he also creates a list from the previews on the items he borrows.

photo of man smiling and sitting in a chair holding four DVDs

Donald Smith can’t afford cable and says the library helps him out a lot.

Both Fenton and Smith would like to see a greater selection at the library, but are grateful the library is there for them.

“They (library clerks) all take care of me,” Fenton says. “The library is a good thing for people who can’t afford (to buy movies and books).”

Like Fenton, Smith doesn’t have cable but does have a DVD player.

“Can’t afford (cable),” he says. “I get movies and box sets and that helps me out a lot.”

“I had problems sleeping at night,” he says. “Then I throw on a movie, and I’m good.”

He has been able to watch some of his favourite old TV shows, including Matlock.

“It was good to get a new library card, and, now, they know me and Calvin,” he says.

Yarmouth library clerk Nick Cook finds people are very grateful for the service.

“To people who use it, it is absolutely essential to them,” says Cook. “With no mobility, no car, no family, it can be very isolating. Without it, they have no access to reading for diversion, entertainment, and enrichment.”