The Herbert Robertson Banks collection of Novascotiana contains many unique and valuable titles. However, the real value of this collection lies in the time and effort which Mr. Banks made over many years to bring together so much diverse information about his native province.

In the 3500 titles which comprise the collection, one can explore all aspects of the province’s history and its economic, social and cultural development. Although some of the material can be found in other places, much of it is truly unique, as Mr. Banks acquired many exceptional items included original manuscripts, unpublished papers, and pamphlets which enhance the reader’s knowledge and understanding of the province which Mr. Banks loved so well. Of special interest is his remarkable collection of the works of Thomas Chandler Haliburton, and literary criticism of Haliburton’s work, including many doctoral theses. His collection of materials on art and antiques is extensive and testifies to his deep love of these special aspects of Nova Scotian life.

It gives Western Counties Regional Library Charitable Association great pleasure to make this collection available to the general public and to provide some understanding of the extent and all-inclusive nature of Mr. Banks’ interests and efforts in creating this impressive body of knowledge and information.

In presenting this catalogue, we would like to thank those who participated in its creation. We are grateful to the Banks family for their gracious assistance. Thank you to the Windsor Foundation for generous financial support; to John Townsend of Schooner Books who assisted in the collection evaluation; to Brenda Hicks who did much of the original cataloguing; to Cathy d’Entremont of the Western Counties Regional Library staff who carried the project through to completion; to Yvonne LeBlanc, also of Western Counties, who typeset the manuscript; and to our Provincial Library staff who entered the catalogued entries on the NcompasS database. Scott MacMullen and Verna DeViller of Western Counties looked after the technical aspects of our electronic production. Thank you, also, to all others who helped with this project. We trust you will find this catalogue a fascinating and singular record of the life and times of Nova Scotia.

Barbara Kincaid
Regional Library Director (Retired)
April 1995