Western Counties Regional Library welcomes opportunities to work with community groups, agencies or individuals to extend and enhance services to the public.

For the purpose of this policy, a partnership is defined as a mutually beneficial collaboration where partner contributions provide enhanced programs and services to the public. Such partnerships must clearly align with the library’s strategic direction and support initiatives that enhance the community’s economic, social and cultural richness and well-being.

Western Counties Regional Library will consider entering into partnerships that:

  • Align with our values
  • Align with our vision, mission, strategic direction and priorities
  • Share common goals and objectives
  • Are developed in the best interest of the library
  • Do not jeopardize the equity of access to library services

Expectations around each entity’s involvement in a shared project, program or service must be clearly defined prior to the library entering into a partnership agreement.

All individuals or organizations entering into an agreement to provide direct services to the public must provide the library with the necessary Criminal and Child Abuse Registry checks,

While small local partnerships that deliver programs and services on a short-term basis may be informal in nature, long-term partnerships may require formal memorandums of understanding (MOUs) or agreements.