Gifts and Donations


In Nova Scotia, libraries are required to raise 3% of their operating budget. Voluntary contributions help ensure Western Counties Regional Library’s long-term financial stability.

Donations can include outright gifts of cash, pledges, bequests, gifts of life insurance and such other gift arrangements as the trustees may from time to time approve.

Western Counties Regional Library values all donations and considers the act of giving, as much as the gift’s monetary value, in our donor recognition program.

The library considers the interests and wishes of donors in the design and delivery of all communications and recognition. There are opportunities for all those donors who wish to have recognition. Other donors prefer to remain anonymous and their privacy will be respected.

Cash Donations

The Board encourages gifts of money and bequests from the public through its Charitable Association. Tax receipts for cash donations over $10 will be issued upon request. Unless otherwise specified when given, donations normally go towards building the library’s collection and items purchased for the circulating collection are made available for any library cardholder to borrow.

If the donor wishes to specify how the money is to be used, a special agreement must be made with the library when the donation is made.

The donor should fill out the Donation Form.

Donations will be appropriately recognized. Recognition will include a written acknowledgement. The donor can choose whether or not to be acknowledged on a bookplate, which can honour a special individual or group, or recognize a memorial donation.

Gifts In-Kind

In order to qualify for a tax receipt, the donor must provide a professional, written, third-party appraisal for any gifts-in-kind. In-kind donations do not include goods and services received as a result of partnership or sponsorship agreements. In-kind gifts will not be assigned a cash value for recognition purposes, but recognition, as deemed appropriate by the director, will be given.

Gifts of Used Material

See Materials Donation Policy and Form