Art Exhibit Policy and Form

The library branches welcome the exhibition of works by local artists and craftspeople. Branch staff arrange exhibitions, and branch managers approve them. There is no charge for using display areas. All exhibitors must sign an Art Exhibit Form. The original, signed Art Exhibit Form is sent to and filed at library headquarters. The artist receives a copy of the signed form, and staff file a second copy at the branch where the exhibit is being held. The library is not responsible for damage to or loss of displayed works.

Western Counties Regional Library reserves the right to decline any exhibition of art work.

Displayed works may be offered for sale, but all transactions must be between the artist and the purchaser; library staff are not to be involved.

Art Exhibit Form

Name:                        __________________________________________________________

Address:                    __________________________________________________________


Telephone:                __________________________________________________________

E-mail:                        __________________________________________________________

Branch:                      __________________________________________________________

Dates of Exhibit:       __________________________________________________________

Title of Exhibit:         __________________________________________________________

I have read and understood Western Counties Regional Library’s Art Exhibit Policy.

____________________________                     ___________________________          

Name (Print)                                                             Signature                                         



Please provide a list of works displayed. 



For internal Use

Send the original, signed Art Exhibit Form to the Office Manager at library headquarters. Branches may keep a copy of the signed Art Exhibit Form for the duration of the exhibit. Following the exhibit, all signed forms will be disposed of using proper disposal methods.