Western Counties Regional Library continues to strive to make its website more accessible.

“In the fall of 2022, we had an accessibility audit done of our new website to see if it met the necessary standards,” says Executive Director Erin Comeau. “We discovered we had some changes to make to meet those standards.”

She says the library’s online experience needs to be welcoming and inclusive to people with a wide range of abilities. This includes people who rely on assistive technology to use library online services.

The changes should make it easier for a diverse range of people to use the website and access the library’s services online.

“There was a lot of background work done to the site, changes to the colours, providing alternative tags for images, and highlighting links that make the site more user-friendly,” she says.

The changes are part of the effort to make Nova Scotia an accessible province by the year 2030.

“Libraries are an important public service,” says Comeau. “We need to be a leader to help remove barriers and provide meaningful access to the entire library experience.”

The library website is westerncounties.ca.

image of library's main website page
The library has updated its website to meet necessary accessibility standards.