Introduction to the Supplementary Collection

In addition to the many books in his remarkable collection, Mr. Banks also collected items of a less standard nature. We have listed them here. These are uncatalogued materials and include a wide spectrum of Novascotiana. The items include unpublished manuscripts, particularly papers delivered before various historical societies, an impressive collection of art gallery catalogues and related materials – evidence of Mr. Banks’ great love of art, and photocopies of materials Mr. Banks was unable to obtain, though not for lack of effort. Mr. Banks had many bound volumes of photocopied articles of particular interest to him, especially from publications such as the Dalhousie Review and the Canadian Historical Review, and we have listed the contents of each of these volumes by title and author.

Of particular interest is his collection of periodicals and serials, many of them complete runs, including magazines on art and antiques, a subject which fascinated him, and literary magazines featuring the work of some of Nova Scotia’s most prominent and controversial writers. Some of these periodicals are catalogued, most are not. All, however, are listed in this section, giving the holdings for each title.

Herbert Banks also collected small local newspapers, which are especially valuable in providing a rich commentary of Nova Scotia life. Similarly, the tourist literature in the collection demonstrates how we have seen ourselves as Nova Scotians and how we have shown ourselves to the world.

This special collection is divided into categories, though in some cases a given item might arguably go into one of several categories, and it is arranged alphabetically, so that those interested might browse through them as though through Mr. Banks shelves.

Cathy d’Entremont
Western Counties Regional Library