Institutional Member

The Institutional Member category includes schools, senior citizens complexes, homes for special care, group homes, hospitals, and any other institution where library materials are signed out to the institution itself, rather than a student, member, resident or patient. The library will require the name and telephone number of a designated contact person from the institution to be on the account. Requests for institutional service can be made to the Branch Manager of the nearest library branch.

Delivery service to an institution depends on the availability of staff and/or volunteer time, the distance to the institution from the library branch and the area of greatest need. The institution may designate someone to pick up and return materials.

Institutional Members will have an extended loan period of eight (8) weeks, with the provision for one (1) possible renewal of eight (8) weeks. Most downloadable materials are available for loan for up to three weeks.

Although notices are sent out for overdue materials, fines are not charged for overdue materials. Overdue notices for materials will be sent to the staff member responsible for the service or to the contact person from the institution (if a different person is picking up and delivering books).

Fees for lost or damaged materials are not levied against Institutional Members. However, new materials will not be signed out to the Institutional Member if charges for lost or damaged items reach or exceed two hundred (200) dollars, or if there are more than two hundred (200) overdue items outstanding.